ET kütt wie ET kütt – Securely through the Cologne Amusement park

Whether amusement park, Fastnacht or Mardi gras – the fifth season is going all out once more. While genuine festival revelers have been around since 11.11. Delighting in amusement park expectation, the craving to celebrate just leisurely sets in with unconstrained choices.

The outfits ought to be set up by the following week at the most recent: The current year’s ladies’ festival falls on February 27th and marks the last beginning of the 2014 fair season at 11:11 am the undisputed mecca of jerks.

Cologne and the encompassing region are as of now not the only ones celebrating here: Fair the travel industry is blasting, and not simply since this year. In any case, could you at any point track down your direction as a visitor buffoon in the rushing about of Cologne’s fair?

From Thursday there will again be a highly sensitive situation in the city of Cologne

Promptly in the first part of the day, the downtown area loads up with brightly costumed carnivalists who meet up on the Change Market and welcome the authority opening of the road fair at 11:11 a.m. by the Cologne magistrate.

What follows might be amusement park routine for the local Rhinelander. For some a fair vacationer, nonetheless, the Cologne customs are totally unfamiliar. All together not to become mixed up in the buzzing about, there are a couple of basic principles that will likewise get the layman reveler securely through the fair confusion.

Vacationer tips for the Cologne Fair

Go Local: When the “Kölle Alaaf!” reverberates from all corners, the Rhenish-Hessian “Helau” has an outright transmission break. Any individual who stumbles the tone or notoriety here will rapidly have a couple of irate Rhinelanders on their necks. No one knows the genuine importance of the interjection – by the by it stays the briefest possible statement of adoration to the Rhenish amusement park city. A basic interjection that permits you to blend unhesitatingly and skilfully with the party individuals.

Obligatory ensembles: Partaking in the Cologne festival without camouflage is a flat out “off limits” for local people and straightforwardly uncovered you as a vacationer. “Embarrassing yourself” is well known in the Cologne fair local area. So don’t avoid fun outfit thoughts. What’s more, to make Bavarian celebration lobbies hazardous this year, you can likewise score as a shrewd young lady or heart kid in a dirndl and cowhide coat at the Cologne fair. Remember: Regardless of the Bavarian ensemble, the Kölsch lager is obligatory!

Knowing where: There is an enormous choice of festivity choices at the Cologne Fair. All together not to forget about the hurrying around and to be available at the significant occasions, it merits really looking at the Cologne Festival 2014 schedule ahead of time. There you will find every one of the significant information for revelers and the individuals who need to become one.

With every one of the tips you shouldn’t miss one thing specifically: from 1.30 p.m. the noteworthy amusement park play “Jan UN Griet” will be performed at the Severinstor in Cologne’s southern area of the city. Presented in this conventional manner, you can then go straightforwardly to the Rhenish festival with the procession at the Adjust Market start.






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