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Nepal updating their casino regulations and the danger to online casinos

Nepal has had trouble with casinos over the past decade and a half, with the relationship between the industry and the country being strained by a number of issues and constraints associated with the industry. Up til 2013, the local casino regulation had not been updated in many, many years, and the update was much needed. This update introduced the ability of the government to track the income that the casinos have and to tax royalties that the casinos receive. This has resulted in the closing of a huge number of casinos in the year 2013, as they had not paid their dues in many years, which amounted to millions of dollars. The closing, combined with certain area requirements for the casino industry, has led to a sharp decline in the number of casino companies that are able operate within the country. But, according to a recent report, this might be changing, as Nepal is lifting restrictions associated with areas where casinos are allowed to operate. The #1 online casino reviews by Play Casino have been online casino related for years now, but with the changing regulation in casinos in the country, this might be changing soon.

A change in location restrictions

A recent change has changed the requirement for casinos that are built within Nepal to be located in specific areas of the country, or at least has eased the requirements, somewhat. Now, casinos will be able to be built within at least three kilometers from international borders. The distance in the past has been much shorter, thus the area where they could be built had also been quite small. This change has been a result of a significant amount of campaigning from those investors who have already been able to purchase land and built hotels and casinos located on the border between India and Nepal. They have been drawing in customers from both countries, and have been pushing for the ability to expand for a while now. Finally, they were able to convince the local authorities that permitting them to expand would be a wise decision and beneficial for the economy.

The changes were met with applause and land purchases, with casino and hotel business development plans being set up for the new areas. But how will this be affecting the local industry and, specifically, the local economy?

A danger to established online casinos?

One of the major changes that are being predicted by some of the professionals in the industry is the shift of users from online casinos to physical casinos. They believe that the less of a gray area in the sense of physical casinos and the experience of a tangible game will likely draw some people in and take them away from the world of online gambling. These fears are not unfounded, but they are also not necessarily logical. The reason is simple: there has never been any such experience. The experience of the online casinos over the years, and of the casino industry in general, has been that users who used to spend a lot of time in physical casinos have been moving to online casinos, slowly but surely. The ease of access and the comfort of one’s own home are much more attractive than the experience of a tangible casino. While the new regulation might be welcomed with open arms, and many will be happy to see it take place, there is no reason to believe that the online casinos that offer services in Nepal will be losing any customers, any time soon. The introduction of new physical casinos will be a good way to stimulate tourism, but will not be getting in the way of online casino betting, so there is no danger there.

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